With Cyber Fidelity, you’ll have access to a very simple–to–operate site creator. It is truly easy to get the hang of and it has a user interface that is guaranteed to be instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever dealt with an admin app. The site creator features a variety of different templates which you could change with just a click of the mouse and build a website as you want. Plus, every site theme is mobile–optimized, so your completely new site will be really good on phones, tablets and computers straight away.

The site creator is an integral part of the Cyber Fidelity Hosting Control Panel, offered with all Linux website hosting services, Linux VPS, Linux semi-dedicated services, and Linux dedicated hosting services packages.

A user friendly site creator

No technical expertise is necessary

The site creator incorporated into the Cyber Fidelity user interface is extremely uncomplicated. It enables you to kickstart your own unique website via simple point and click actions. There’s no need to be versed in HTML or any other backend language. If have ever worked with an app or perhaps a text editor, you will already know how to work with the site creator.

From its site editor, you can move page elements as you wish and set your own style with just a mouse click. Apart from that, you could include photos, videos, and even your own blog, etc. in almost no time.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A set of easy–to–re–design site templates

Modern–looking site themes that look perfect across tablets and phones

To create a good–looking site, you will need a reliable base. This is exactly why, the Cyber Fidelity’s site creator features a vast set of unique design themes, applicable to any kind of websites – individual pages, online shops, community portals, and so on.

Each site design is easy–to–redesign, with a number of patterns, unique color options and integrated support for over a hundred web fonts. You can tweak every one of these settings with just a click of the mouse. Plus, to top it all off, if at any time you decide to switch your site template and choose a new one, all personalizations you’ve implemented will be switched over instantly.

A set of easy–to–re–design site templates

Built–in knowledge base and how–to videos

Find out exactly how quick & easy it indeed is to jumpstart an online presence

The Cyber Fidelity’s site creator is equipped with a knowledge base which includes comprehensive how–to articles and videos provoked by the most regularly asked questions by customers.

You’ll be able to discover how to personalize your site template and create a brand new web page. Also, you’ll discover just how you can select an alternative template or maybe install an image gallery onto your website.

Plus, you can contact us at any moment if you require prompt assistance with your website.

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